How to win in 3-Reel Slots

Strategy for 3-reel slots

The optimal strategy for playing a three-reel slot machine is to make maximum bets on the maximum number of paylines.

There are several strategies for the game. You can play in one-armed slots in various ways. More or less ordered gameplay can make the game more interesting, and in some cases, slightly increase the chances of winning.

For example, the odds of winning will increase if you take into account how high or low the volatility of the gaming machine is. There are, for example, slots that bring winnings on each back. But the amount of payments, respectively, is not very high.

Slots with a high variance give out winnings much less often, but quite a large sum. In the long run, they reward the player, but in the short term is very likely to lose all the money.

It is possible to play for free with one-armed slot and without registering on any website to understand what the gameplay is and what strategy to build better. Let’s imagine several strategies for playing on three-reel slots.

One of the strategies can be called “Management of winnings and costs” You determine how much you are willing to spend on one machine. In addition, determine at what size of the win move to another machine.

In fact, it looks like this:

  • You determine that you are ready to lose five dollars and win ten dollars on one machine;
  • You spend three dollars on one machine and get a win of $ 10. After that, go to another machine;
  • You spend five dollars on one machine, do not get a win and go to another machine.
  • The win should be more than half of the amount invested. Losing is less than 25%. If you reach any of these values, then stop the game session and leave the casino.

The second strategy relates to playing on machines with progressive jackpots. On such machines, you need to play with the maximum wagers, as the percentage of the bet goes to the jackpot fund. The higher the rate, the greater the percentage.

The amount of the bet is regulated by the number of pay lines and the bet size per line. In three-drum slot machines, the value of a bet on one line is put only one coin. That is, the maximum bet with the maximum five pay lines is only five coins. Thanks to this, players who prefer to play at low rates, but who want to break the jackpot, can choose this type of gaming machines.


You can play for free or for money, but remember that the main goal is to have fun. You need to play responsibly, so that your expenses do not become uncontrolled and do not reach critical values. Be self-disciplined, and you will have a pleasant evening.

Classic three-reel slots are slots with a long history, they were the first to appear in the casino. Modern slot machines basically contain five or more drums, they have many paylines, there are various bonus games, some even require some skills. Three-drum machines are easy to operate and can fit the most inexperienced beginners.